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What do I need to highlight PDFs for?

If you want to point out some key aspects in your document or pay attention to some questions in your form, a tool for PDF text highlighting is very useful. Are you used to highlight your important points on paper? Are you searching for the solution that can do the same with electronic templates? Our tool will be the best variant for you.

First of all, there is no necessity to work with paper copies and spare your time. Secondly, it is much easier and faster. As a result, you have the electronic file that will be easy to read and understand.

How to highlight text in PDF online?

In the beginning, you have to upload the document from the cloud or the internal storage of your computer. Additionally, you may use the search field. If there is no necessary template on our website, it can be found on the Internet.

Once the blank uploaded, it’s automatically opened with the help of the editor.

Here you may create your own fields or complete the existing ones. In addition to that, you can erase content and add any text you want directly in your PDF. When you are done with the textual part, you can keep on editing visual one.

During the next steps, the main parts of the documents can be highlighted. To do that in the best way follow such instructions:

  1. In the upper part of the page, you will see the toolbar. Choose the “Highlight” item to select the content of the page you need to pay attention to.
  2. Next, the round tool will appear. Put it at the beginning of the text and scroll to the end of it. You can select a single word as well as several sentences.
  3. The size of the line can be reshaped with the help of the resizing function. If it is needed to highlight a part of the paragraph, the bigger line will be more useful, as well as the small one for separate words or word-combinations.
  4. Save the changes you have made. Click on the Done button.

When you have made all the changes, the sample can be saved as the document in PDF format, shared with other person or sent to sign.  Besides, you can save the sample in different formats. Your PDFs also can be sent in electronic variant as well as with the help of USPS.  Try the best highlight options and make your documents neat and clear.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Highlight Text In PDFs Online

Instructions and Help about Highlight Text In PDFs Online

Hello my name is Jason and today I'm going to show you how to highlight text within a PDF document this is a useful tool when you have found information that you would like to refer back to later on it also saves having to reread the whole document to find out where it is first thing we need to check if a document will allow us to make changes to do this firstly click on file properties and then the security tab if you see here where it says commenting that is said to aloud you are good to go and click on OK so firstly what you need to do is find the text that you would like to highlight so let's find a text here about the affordances of we now select a text that you want by just holding your cursor down and selecting then up here on on the bar you'll see a little TLT it says highlight text click on that you'll see once that's been clicked on it Atmel turns yellow now that's now highlighted to add a comment to that double click on the yellow and add a comment for for dances fullness of the we and a slacked out as you see that common is now associated with that highlighted link there you can click on minimize and that will mean in your document as you see now to take full effect if you scroll to the top of your document click on the comets button up here you'll see a new section here where you got your name and what you wrote the finances of we now if you click on that will take you back to your highlighter link there now to delete the link or delete the highlight you right-click and click on delete now you'll notice also in some documents you actually can't highlight text maybe it's been scanned in so to get around that all you need to do is click on this which is the sticky note at approximately where you want to highlight to so I say about here or over here a little highlight box or a little sticking out will come up and the same thing affordance of the way same ways and then if you go to another page click on that it should take it back to where you were that's easier to to locate the specific content that you want to refer back to later on now last step of this is make sure that you do save the document if you exit out without saving you'll lose any highlights you've made throughout the life of the document so click on file and click on save and you can either overwrite the current document if it's on your local machine or you can rename it to - annotate it and click Save and when you load the document again they'll have all the highlights and your sticky notes

What Our Customers Say

Deborah W.
Deborah W.
I corrected a mistake in my form and replaced it with the right information. It took a few minutes only! Thanks a lot!
James S.
James S.
The process of PDF correction has never been so easy. I’ve managed to create a new document faster than ever before!
William G.
William G.
It was really easy to fill out my PDF document and add a signature to it! This is a great service! I recommend it to you!
Denis B.
Denis B.
I edited the document with my mobile phone. It was fast and, as a result, I’ve got a professional-looking document.

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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


If there any PDF editor alternatives to replace text in a PDF other than products from Adobe?
Hi,When choosing an alternative to Adobe Acrobat, take into consideration the following factors: price, ability to work on documents in a secure cloud and universality of the app.I’d like you to pay your attention at PDFfiller - an all-in-one online PDF editor, e-signature manager, document generator and form builder solution.PDFfiller’s unique TrueEdit technology allows you to replace text, images and graphics in an original PDFs as easily and intuitively as if you are editing a Word document. The font, size, color, and style of the text you add will automatically match with the nearest text. Without any downloads and expensive subscriptions.You can also annotate your PDFs by drawing shapes, graphics and tables, add sticky notes and comments, highlight text and eliminate typos with a built-in spell checker.Need to make a PDF unique and recognizable? Add a customizable watermark, company’s logo and branded colors.Besides editing PDFs online, PDFfiller allows you to sign any document and send it out to be signed on any desktop or mobile device in minutes.Thinking of a way to quickly collect customer information? Turn any application, offer or survey questionnaire into an online fillable PDF form and host it on your website. Customers and clients can easily add the information and all the collected data will be saved in your account.As you can see, PDFfiller is a powerful tool for your workflow automation.
What is the best PDF, eBook, ePub, or Mobi reader in terms of battery backup, UI UX, flexibility to import custom big PDFs, in-built dictionary, Wifi support, button ready, flexibility with the type of file, etc.?
For PDFs the very best at this moment is the Sony DPT-S1.The big 13" screen means PDFs can be read without scrolling or zooming.A feature, which should not be underestimated!  The interface is wonderfully thought through and very responsive for an e-reader and I love the handwritten annotations. I have been on a mission for a decent A4 reader for my technical library.I had three of them before the Sony.The Kindle DX is very antiquated by today's standards, I wouldn't consider it. The ECTACO jetBook Color colour E-Ink was very interesting and, in my opinion added value. The screen was very good, but the rest was badly implemented and slower than necessary. E-Ink colour is pretty faded, much like old newspapers, but it is there. It made a difference.The ICARUS eXcel (Onyx BOOX M92)  was almost there. Handwritten notes and all. But just 9.7" meant that you effectively couldn't get by without zooming or cropping your pdfs beforehand. But for a long time it had the best PDF experience.Now if only Sony could add a colour E-Ink display ....Otherwise the Kindle Paperwhite's handling of PDFs is not too shabby, especially since you can use the dictionary with a nice inline display. Kobo is a close follow-up and usable even on the Mini. Most other readers I have got my hands on have very careless PDF support, which granted is not really the format of choice for what you put on a 6" reader.
Which PDF readers can export highlighted text?
I back with Sumnotes - Summarize PDF Annotations . The interface is super easy to use for someone like me who is not computer geek.As a resident physician, I do lengthy reading. First, I split my pdf into small chapters, then I begin highlighting PDFs using various highlight colors. I use drawboard PDF app on surface laptop to highlight PDF text into various colors. Then I upload my highlighted PDF to sumnotes, I think extracting highlighted text makes it very easy to revise the lengthy text in a short span of time. Extracting highlighted text also gives a sharp memory recall as well. I tried windows app, pdf-highlights-extractor, to extract highlighted text however the extraction was not precise and results were dismal.I then tried sumnotes website and I was blown away. It was able to extract text from PDFs which were not in good quality, such as scanned PDFs. Their online service allow user to extract text based on highlight color which I haven't seen before. I can choose to just extract text with yellow highlights and leave the blue highlights. Pretty cool!! The option to selectively choose which text to extract have been helpful on some occasions.I look forward to acing my boards with this strategy. .
What are the best project management tools for designers?
By now you’ve probably figured out that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to PM software.Companies have way too many different needs, requirements and budgets in this respect. But if you are a designer who wants to manage daily fire fights while also keeping an eye on the big picture, I recommend using Paymo. Full disclosure: I work here.As an intuitive end-to-end PM platform, Paymo allows you to manage projects through their entire cycle without having to use a suite of apps. You can make use of the different task views to edit and organize information depending on your needs. Hence:Simple View - Offers you a CRUD like method for adding and editing tasksTable View - Allows you to organize or hide different attributes of a taskProgress Board - Helps you visualise your workflow through different stagesGantt Chart - Highlights the start and end date of a task, its duration and the dependencies between it and other tasks of the same project.Paymo also gives you the opportunity to schedule your team’s work in advance, so that you can see who’s over - or under-booked and available for future projects.Don’t worry about delivering projects on time, since you can track your time through the online web timer or the desktop and mobile apps. Alternatively you can add it manually too and export it through time reports, in case you need to share the project progress with your clients.You can even generate invoices, track expenses and create estimates so that you can cut back on admin work and manage everything from one place.Bottom line is this: try it with your team and see if it fits your workflow. The trial is free for 15 days so enjoy the testing!Have a look at the video tutorial below for a better feeling of it:
What are some lesser known but useful websites?
Here we go!1. Remove.bgThis AI powered website helps you to remove background from an image. You wouldn't believe the accuracy of the final product. This website can save hours (This one is my personal favourite).*Don't forget to check the last one*2. Fast.comYou can use this website to check the internet speed of your phone's network. No need to install any app :)3. Websiteoutlook.comYou can use this website to get the details of alexa rank, page views per day, worth of any website.4. Scr.imThis website converts your email address to short urls. This can help you to hide your email id from spamrobots.5. Tineye.comYou can use this website for reverse image searching Or you can use Reverse Image SearchBoth are good. (You can also use Google reverse image search in your phone after switching to desktop site)6. http://Screenshot.gurutake high-resolution screenshots of webpages on mobile and desktops.7. privnote.comThis website helps you to send notes that can self-destruct after it’s read.8. pdfescape.comThis website helps you to edit PDF files, create & edit PDF forms, protect PDF files with password online.9. pixabay.comThis website has 1.6 million royalty free images.10. Mailinator.comAlmost every website you visit asks you to sign-up using an email address. Mailinator is a free service that gives you an email address that automatically gets destroyed after a few hours. You can use this email id to activate your account on any website and you don't have to worry about getting spammed ever in your life.11. Accountkiller.comThis website helps you to delete your social media accounts without the tedious process with hoops of questions and steps.12. virusscan.jotti.orgThis website lets you scan suspicious files with several anti-virus programs13. unfurlr.comThis website unmasks the original URL hiding behind a short link.________________________________________________Edit1: Bonus round XD14. Getemoji.comThere are tons of emoji available which you might not have in your shortcuts or keyboards,You can simply copy emoji and paste where you want to use.15. cvmkr.comIf you aren’t good at designing and a good looking CV for yourself, you should try it once.Provide your information and they will create beautiful CV automatically.16. Airhorner.comJust a simple air horn, in your browser to blow up anywhere and have fun :- )17. Unsplash.comUnlimited and Huge amount of royalty free images for using anywhere.They have really some cool wallpapers and you don’t need to worry about copyright for using them anywhere.18. smaller-pictures.appspot.comYou can compress your images directly in your browser, anywhere anytime, no need to download a full software or app for quick stuff.19. About.meYou can quickly create your personal homepage, with all of your info with a URL to share. 20. y2mate.comDownload YouTube videos or Convert them to MP321. File.pizzaIt’s kind of different way sending files to someone.Your files are never stored somewhere, the person whom you want to send any specific files will directly download from your side like peer to peer file transfer.22. qrcodescan.inScan QR codes without installing any app.________________________________________________Edit:2You guys are awesome!! Didn't expect such amazing response from all of you. Here I'm adding some more…Enjoy!!23. www.Adblockplus.orgIt is a fact that pop-up ads, flashy banners and video ads are very annoying when they appear while you are searching for something. How will you feel if an ad interrupts you when you are watching a video on YouTube? Very disturbing right! Adblockplus.org blocks all the annoying ads on the site that you are visiting and makes your internet surfing enjoyable again.24. Howtopronounce.comIf you are keen on learning a new language or if you are unsure how to pronounce a specific word correctly or not, then you should check out Howtopronounce.com.The website is a free online audio pronounciation dictionary which helps you learn how to exactly pronounce any word or sentence.It supports multiple languages so you can learn pronunciations of any words in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc.25-A. ConvertfilesIf you want to convert any file, spreadsheet, audio file, video file, or any other file format into another format, you can easily do that at Convertfiles.com completely free.This website allows you to convert files up to 250 MB and you will see more than 330 combinations of input and output file formats. You just need to select the file and choose the output format and results will be in front of you within seconds!25-B. For shy desperate singles :pstoriesigYou can use this website to see the Instagram stories of your crush or loved ones without letting them know :D (The account has to be public)Some useful web-games that you can play online without downloading.26-A. Pacman:play pacman online - Google Search26-B. Pacman:4j.com/Mobile-Pac-Man27. Tic Tac Toe:playtictactoe.org28. Chess:chess.com/play/computer29. Various games: (They are really awesome)Free Online Action GamesPoki.comA10: Free Games Online With Style________________________________________________Edit3: Some funny websites :D30. 1Billion facebook profile pictures in a website:app.thefacesoffacebook.com31. Make your letters beat ( I recommend you to try this, this is crazy!!)typedrummer.com32. See live edits happening on Wikipedia on map.lkozma.net/wpv33. Press & drag to make wind. The lion will surely appreciate!codepen.io/Yakudoo/full/YXxmYR34. Find the exactly opposite side of any place on Earth.antipodr.com35. An interesting 60 seconds meditation for you.pixelthoughts.co36. "Go fun the world" -9GAG9gag.com37. Bored? Press the button.Bored? Press the Bored Button.38. The famous photo with a mind-blowing 195 gigapixels.[Zoom as much as you can B-) ]195 Gigapixel Shanghai________________________________________________Edit:4 For space enthusiasts!39. You can track the live location of the ISS ( International Space Station) with this website:ISSTracker ~ Real-Time Location Tracking of the International Space Station40. Find the live location of any satellite:www.n2yo.com41. See the live 3D map of objects in Earth orbit.Stuff in SpaceWhere,Red dot = Satellite.Blue dot= Rocket parts.Grey dot= Debris.This is how it looks like:42. Listen to thousands of live radio stations world wide by rotating the globe.Listen to Radio Hindi International from Kolkata live on Radio Garden__________________________________________________Edit: 5 Topic: Internet security43. Before setting your password visit this website to check how strong your password is & how much time it would take to be cracked by hackers.howsecureismypassword.net44. Before clicking on any "99% sale on Amazon" type link/url please visit this website & check if the link is safe or not, you can upload & scan suspicious files before installing.VirusTotal________________________________________________Edit:645. For DIY lovers :DA. Instructables.comB. Doityourself.comC. Ehow.comD. Hackaday.comE. howstuffworks.com46. For UI/UX designersDribbble.com47. Download fonts for personal use.DaFont - Download fonts or We love FREE fonts48. For web developers.Codepen.io49. Mix different sounds, create your perfect environment to improve focus and boost your productivity.Noisli - Improve Focus and Boost Productivity with Background Noise*50* Half century round!This website is gonna make all the book lovers crazy. I bet you'll thank me while using this.Bookhubapp.com or you can download the app directly from Playstore, here's the link:BookHub - Apps on Google Play[If Bookhub is not available in your country you can try this : AnyBooks—your own book collection - Apps on Google Play ]Visit the websiteDownload the appSearch any famous book (Even if you don't find the free pdf version of the book on the internet)Download the bookStart readingDon't forget to smile & thank the developers & the contributors.Here's my collection:Be like HULK & smash the upvote button!~(˘▾˘~)Namaste.._/\_Img src: Google & my ‘phun's’ gallery :p
What's the best free online collaboration tool?
Given the fact that in 2019, most of collaboration takes place online, choosing the right collaboration software is a very important step.My team cares about productive collaboration, and here are tools that help my team works smarter every day:Team CommunicationThe first tool I’d like to mention here is Chanty — a simple and fast team chat app that my team is passionately creating.Chanty provides all required chat features from instant messaging to managing notification and creating tasks so that you can get on the same page with your team. Chanty is already known as a great Slack alternative for startups, small and medium business. Its competitive advantages are its speed, clear interface, built-in task manager and an affordable price.Many teams around the world already boost their communication with Chanty. And if you're currently looking for a smart tool for internal communication with your team, I highly recommend that you look at this tool.Chanty pricing:Free plan is for teams with up to 10 members,Business plan, starts at $3 per user, per month and delivers additional features and unlimited members.Project ManagementWhen it comes to managing projects, my team’s choice is Jira.Jira provides a lot of useful features like boards with to do/in progress/done categories, reports with real-time insights, roadmaps and others to assign work and manage team activity. Given all this, Jira became the best solution for us to organize our workflow.Jira pricing:Free 7-Day Trial,Subscription ($10 per month) up to 10 users,$7 per user per month.Audio/Video ConferencingWith a rising trend in global collaboration, every team that cares about their effectiveness needs audio and video meetings to enhance their workflow.In my team until recently, we used Skype to conduct audio and video calls. Needless to say, the conferencing features in Skype work pretty well.But now we've switched to Chanty for this purpose. Yep, we finally started to test audio and video calls in Chanty! And as soon as we make the calling feature in Chanty work perfectly, we'll provide our users the ability to try it too.It was a little Chanty insight :)And if you want to be the first to know about adding audio and video calls and other hot Chanty updates, feel free to join our special Facebook community.File SharingThere are two leaders between file sharing tools — Google Drive and Dropbox. I personally prefer the first one.Google Drive is a great way to keep files saved in one easy-to-manage place and share them with your colleagues.Google Drive pricing:15Gb of storage and all features for free,$1.99/month for 100Gb storage, $9.99/month for 1TB and up to 30TB for $299/month.Time ManagementI can advise Toggl as a good tool for being clear on how much time you actually spend on your projects and tasks. Using this time management software, you can analyze your time spent to find out how you can manage it more effectively.Knowledge managementIf you are still not using any knowledge management software, I advise you to start doing this right now.Knowledge management tools help to make workflows more organized, by providing an easy way to share, access and update business knowledge and information. As a result, you have a more efficient workflow and save your time.Toggl pricing:Free,Starter: $9 per user per month (billed yearly),Premium: 18 per user per month (billed yearly),Enterprise: Custom per user per month (billed yearly).Confluence is probably the most popular and demanded knowledge management tool. Itkeeps teamwork organized and centralizes all information required to stay up to date.Confluence pricing:1-10 users — $10 per team per month,11-100 users — $5.00/user per month,101-250 users — $3.50/user per month,251-5,000 users — $1.10/user per month.
What are some useful websites?
The 101 Most Useful Websites on the InternetHere are the most useful websites on the Internet that will make you smarter, increase productivity and help you learn new skills. These incredibly useful websites solve at least one problem really well. And they all have cool URLs that are easy to memorize thus saving you a trip to Google.The Most Useful Websites and Web AppsArchive.is — take a snapshot of any web page and it will be exist forever even if the original page is gone.autodraw.com — create freehand doodles and watch them magically transform into beautiful drawings powered by maching learning.fast.com — check the current speed of your Internet connection.slides.com — create pixel-perfect slide decks and broadcast your presentations to an audience of any size from anywhere.screenshot.guru — take high-resolution screenshots of web pages on mobile and desktops.dictation.io – accurate and quick voice recognition in your browser itself.reverse.photos — upload an image and find similar pictures on the web.CopyChar – Copy special characters to your clipboard – copy special characters and emojis that aren’t on your keyboard.codeacademy.com – the best place to learn coding online.noisli.com — ambient noises to help you improve focus and boost productivity.iconfinder.com – millions of icons for all kinds of projects. Also try icons8.com and flaticon.com .jotti.org – scan any suspicious file or email attachment for viruses.wolframalpha.com – gets answers directly without searching – see more wolfram tips.flightstats.com – track flight status at airports worldwide.unsplash.com – the best place to download images absolutely free.videos.pexels.com — an online library of free HD videos you can use everywhere. Also see videvo.net 13.everytimezone.com – a less confusing view of the world time zones.e.ggtimer.com – a simple online timer for your daily needs.random.org – pick random numbers, flip coins, and more.earn.com — replace your email with a mailbox that pays when you reply to someone’s email.myfonts.com/WhatTheFont – upload an image of any text and quickly determine the font family.fonts.google.com – the best collection of open source fonts that you can use anywhere without restrictions.fontstruct.com — draw and build your own fonts and use them in any application.calligraphr.com — transform your handwriting into a real font.Jeffrey Friedl's Web Sites – find data hidden in your photographs – see more EXIF tools.youtube.com/webcam — broadcast yourself live over the Internet without any complicated setup.remotedesktop.google.com — access other computers or allow others to remote access your computer over the Internet.homestyler.com – design from scratch or re-model your home in 3D.pdfescape.com – lets you quickly edit PDF in the browser without Acrobat.draw.io – create diagrams, wireframe and flowcharts in the browser.web.skype.com — make voice and video calls in your browser with Skype.onlineocr.net – recognize text from scanned PDFs – see other OCR tools.wetransfer.com – for sharing really big files online.file.pizza — peer to peer file transfer over WebRTC without any middleman.snapdrop.com — like Apple AirDrop but for the web. Share files directly between devices in the same network without having to upload them to any server first.hundredzeros.com – the site lets you download free Kindle books.app.grammarly.com — check your writing for spelling, style, andgrammatical errors.noteflight.com – print music sheets, write your own music online ( review).translate.google.com – translate web pages, PDFs and Office documents.kleki.com – create paintings and sketches with a wide variety of brushes.similarsites.com – discover new sites that are similar to what you like already.bubbl.us – create mind-maps, brainstorm ideas in the browser.color.adobe.com – get color ideas, also extract colors from photographs.canva.com — make beautiful graphics, presentations, resumes and more with readymade template designs.lmgtfy.com – when your friends are too lazy to use Google on their own.midomi.com – when you need to find the name of a song.history.google.com — see all your past Google searches, also among most important Google URLsfaxzero.com – send an online fax for free – see more fax services.tinychat.com – setup your own private chat room in micro-seconds.privnote.com – create text notes that will self-destruct after being read.domains.google.com – quickly search domain names for your next big idea!downforeveryoneorjustme.com – find if your favorite website is offline or not?gtmetrix.com – the perfect tool for measuring your site performance online.builtwith.com — find the web hosting company, email provider and everything else about a website.urbandictionary.com – find definitions of slangs and informal words.seatguru.com – consult this site before choosing a seat for your next flight.flightstats.com – Track flight status at airports worldwide.mymaps.google.com – create custom Google Maps with scribbles, pins and custom shapes.snopes.com – find if that email offer you received is real or just another scam.typingweb.com – master touch-typing with these practice sessions.todo.microsoft.com — a beautiful todo app and task manager. Also see Trello.minutes.io – quickly capture effective notes during meetings.talltweets.com — Turn Google Slides in animated GIF presentations.ifttt.com – create a connection between all your online accounts.namechk.com — search for your desired username across hundreds of social networks and domain names.gist.github.com — create anonymous and secret text notes and much more.flipanim.com — create flipbook animations, includes an onion skin tool to let you see the previous frame as you draw the next one.powtoon.com — create engaging whiteboard videos and presentations with your own voiceovers. Also see videoscribe.co 1.Clyp - the easiest way to record, upload and share audio. — Record your own voice or upload an audio file without creating any account. Also see soundcloud.com 2.carrd.co — build one-page fully responsive websites that look good on every screen.spark.adobe.com — make stunning video presentations with voice narration and wow everyone.Anchor - The easiest way to start a podcast — the easiest way to record a podcast that you can distribute on iTunes without have to pay for hosting.duolingo.com — learn to speak Chinese, French, Spanish or any other language of your choice.webmakerapp.com — an offline playground for building web projects in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.pixton.com — create your own comic strips with your own characters and move them into any pose.designer.io — a full-featured vector drawing tool that works everywhere.sumopaint.com – an excellent layer-based online image editor.vectr.com — create vector graphics and export them as SVG or PNG files.twitterbots — create your own Twitter bots that can auto-reply, DM, follow people and more.headspace.com — learn the art of meditation and reduct stress, focus more and even sleep better.class-central.com — a directory of free online courses offered by universities worldwide.googleartproject.com — discover museums, famous paintings and art treasure from all around the world.instructables.com — step-by-step guides on how to build anything and everything.flowgram.com — make data-driven graphics, charts and infographics. Also see adioma.com 1 and http://eas.ly.marvelapp.com — create interactive wireframes and product mockups.Slidely - The #1 Visual Content Creation Platform, Maker of Promo — make marketing videos and branded stories for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube trailers. Also see animoto.com and biteable.com.gohighbrow.com — Take bite-sized courses on a variety of topics, chapters are delivered by email every monning.Design and Send Responsive Emails Online – send rich-text emails with gmail mail merge.wirecutter.com — whether you need a vacuum cleaner or an SD card, this is the best product recommendation website on the Internet.camelcamelcamel.com — Create Amazon price watches and get email alerts when the prices drop.mockaroo.com — download mock data to fill the rows in your Excel spreadsheet.asciiflow.com — a WYSIWYG editor to draw ASCII diagrams that you can embed in emails and tweets.buffer.com — the easily way to post and schedule updates on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook.10minutemail.com — create disposable email addresses for putting inside sign-up forms.whereami — find the postal address of your current location on Google maps.sway.com — create and share interactive reports, newsletters, presentations, and for storytelling.apify.com — the perfect web scraping tool that lets you extract data from nearly any website.thunkable.com — build your own apps for Android and iOS by dragging blocks instead of writing code. Also see: glitch.com 5.zerodollarmovies.com — a huge collection of free movies curated from YouTubeupwork.com — find freelancers and subject experts to work on any kind of project.duckduckgo.com – a clean alternative to google search that doesn’t track you on the Internet.Source : https://discuss.freetutorials.us...Thank you