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Hi in this tutorial I'm going to show you how you can export highlighted text into a summary page so the first thing we're going to do is and this must be done in order for this to work and it must be done before any of the text is highlighted unfortunately if this preference is not checked before you highlight the text you're going to have to rehire all the selected text in order for this to work so I'm going to choose Acrobat at the top and go to preferences now I'm on a Mac you're going to find this option on a PC under file preferences so if you're on a Mac it's Acrobat preferences if you're on a PC it's file preferences so I choose preferences I'm going to make sure the category comment team is selected and then I want to click on this last option under making comments and that's copy selected text into highlight strikethrough an underline comment pop-ups I'm going to click OK so then I'm going to go ahead and highlight some text so I'm going to use my commenting tools and the highlighter to do this so I'll just go through and highlight some text in various locations you can see that as I'm highlighting the text over on the right-hand side because I clicked on that preference file the highlighted text it becomes part of a comment what I can do from this point is again you must have your commenting panel open and under your commenting list section there's a little expansion options panel so I'm going to click on the options panel and choose to create a comment summary I'm going to click on create comment summary just going to choose comments only and what this is...

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FAQ - Can I Highlight Part Of a PDF

How can I highlight part of a PDF for free?
How to Highlight Text in PDF Open your PDF with the PDF Annotator tool. Select the Highlight option in the toolbar. Customize the highlight color and opacity. Add highlights over the desired PDF text. Download your file when you're done.
How do I highlight fillable fields in PDF?
For help you may press the F1 key while viewing a form. button in the upper right hand corner of the menu bar of the PDF form. After clicking this button the Fillable Fields within the form will be highlighted in a light blue color which will allow you to enter your information within these fields.
How do I highlight an area in a PDF map?
0:56 2:09 How to Highlight Text and Custom Areas in a PDF on Windows YouTube Start of suggested clip End of suggested clip You can use default and custom colors for your annotations. Add the text comments in the descriptionMoreYou can use default and custom colors for your annotations. Add the text comments in the description. Section to add comments to your highlights.
How do I select an area in ?
pdf) document. Go to the main menu and select TOOLS / SELECT & ZOOM / MARQUEE ZOOM then click and hold your left mouse button on the top-left corner of the area you're interested in and drag the mouse cursor to the lower-right corner of the area and release.