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What do I need to highlight PDFs for?

If you want to point out some key aspects in your document or pay attention to some questions in your form, a tool for PDF text highlighting is very useful. Are you used to highlight your important points on paper? Are you searching for the solution that can do the same with electronic templates? Our tool will be the best variant for you.

First of all, there is no necessity to work with paper copies and spare your time. Secondly, it is much easier and faster. As a result, you have the electronic file that will be easy to read and understand.

How to highlight text in PDF online?

In the beginning, you have to upload the document from the cloud or the internal storage of your computer. Additionally, you may use the search field. If there is no necessary template on our website, it can be found on the Internet.

Once the blank uploaded, it’s automatically opened with the help of the editor.

Here you may create your own fields or complete the existing ones. In addition to that, you can erase content and add any text you want directly in your PDF. When you are done with the textual part, you can keep on editing visual one.

During the next steps, the main parts of the documents can be highlighted. To do that in the best way follow such instructions:

  1. In the upper part of the page, you will see the toolbar. Choose the “Highlight” item to select the content of the page you need to pay attention to.
  2. Next, the round tool will appear. Put it at the beginning of the text and scroll to the end of it. You can select a single word as well as several sentences.
  3. The size of the line can be reshaped with the help of the resizing function. If it is needed to highlight a part of the paragraph, the bigger line will be more useful, as well as the small one for separate words or word-combinations.
  4. Save the changes you have made. Click on the Done button.

When you have made all the changes, the sample can be saved as the document in PDF format, shared with other person or sent to sign.  Besides, you can save the sample in different formats. Your PDFs also can be sent in electronic variant as well as with the help of USPS.  Try the best highlight options and make your documents neat and clear.

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Video instructions - Highlight Field In PDF File

Instructions and Help about Highlight Field In Pdf File

Let's welcome to another forum Titan video in this video I will show you how to highlight your fields in basic PDF when using interactive mode now this is a a well requested feature because sometimes you using a checkbox and that checkbox isn't always visible quite clearly for the end user and obviously some other fields as well so we'll show you how to sort of bypass that and make for a better user experience at the end of the day okay so first name last name will get email and then I'll get some checkboxes so we'll use this and we'll call despite concerns and then we'll get rid of that other copy and paste and then we'll call this one I do not consent and then we'll get rid of the labels like ears like this I'm just going to simply pop this on a standard gdpr form okay right we're good to go and then just go get our submit button over here like this cancel click Submit we're good to go next I'm gonna go to form go to my PDF mapping and I will insert a standard very simple form that I have available in a PDF so the first name email can send it up and said now it's just simply of putting the field where they should be so like this and then like this and then like this now with the fields that are that they're wider it's not so much of an issue the issue comes with a check box because check box you only need the width about this much really so it's quite easy for somebody to just miss that so this is where we've built this for you now I'll go to settings and I go to interactive mode and then let's go and add our fields that we allowed to inline edits concerned and then I do not consent okay so let's see what I've done here is I've added everything well made them interactive now I can click Submit and go ahead and there start to enter the data that you can see that you couldn't once you're only editing the field you truly know that field actually requires some data no I'm allowed to put some data in there so other than that would it's quite easy to miss those so how do you get around that and fix that issue where you go something like a checkbox like this well this is where we're building highlight mode so click edit go to settings where you set interactive check it and now this will become like this so if I click apply highlight feels save preview submit you can see now that this indicates that I need to fill these fields in ok there's a yellow highlighter there for them so the user knows that they have to fill those fields in and they won't miss out on any data so ...

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