Does Anyone Need the Ncert PDF with Important Lines Highlighted?

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Does anyone need the NCERT PDF (for physics and chemistry important chapters) with important lines highlighted?

Completely mandatory for physics and chemistry because it is good to use in concepts and basics with all important diagrams and formulas with full explanations. Some people find NCERT physics text book boring - and I can’t really blame them. Look at some standard reference books like SL Arora or Pradeep’s instead of NCERT. You may even consider reading physics from H. C. Verma as he presents the topics in a very clear, concise and interesting manner. For Chemistry, NCERT text book is good. Try to re-read it and solve the end of chapter problems. Otherwise go for some standard CBSE XI/ XII syllabus based book. Reading of text books is best done section wise. What I mean by this is that each chapter in any text-book is usually divided in to sections (for e.g. Ch 3 will have 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 
 etc. till say, 3.13 
 13 sections). Read each section carefully and solve the examples given in that section on your own. Also make a short summary of what you learnt in that section (maybe somewhere in the section itself). Then review the entire section. Go on like this till you understand entire chapter. With that, you can also refer online videos as well it helps you to clear your doubt very quickly. You have many certain options for that like you have Toppr. the better learning app which provides complete free video tutorial for NEET. I hope my answer helps you. Thank you 👍 All the best!!

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