How Can I Extract Highlighted Text from a PDF And Paste It?

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How can I extract highlighted text from a PDF and paste it automatically in notepad or word document? [While reading books in PDF format I highlight texts but I wish to have a separate document where I can have only the text which I highlighted]

It’s very easy. You can use your Android Phone to create Searchable PDF from any non searchable pdf or image. You can install Scanne from Google Play store, Scanne uses OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to detect text from images and then it places that text behind the image, so you can always search for the text inside the image and create a searchable pdf out of it Read full Article about How to create Searchable PDF with Android

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Highlight PDF: All You Need to Know

Now, get your text from PDF document. Text Extractor Utility Tool Features And Useful Tips There are many more features of Text Extractor utility that will help you convert text from PDF pages to any language. You can read about those features here. So, download and use Text Extractor utility tool for extracting text from PDF documents. You've got to remember only one thing, if you want to convert text from PDF to another language, then choose Arabic or Turkish as the input language and choose your default conversion rate of .001 to .01. Download Text Extractor software | Free Download Text Extractor Software Text Extractor Software Review Features: Easy To Use; You Can Convert Text From To Any Languages We are using Text Extractor for converting PDF file into different languages because it is very easy to use and works really well. Text extractor allows you to convert text from PDF document into.