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How can I save a selected/highlighted text from a mouse to Google drive, dropbox, or local computer notepad while surfing the websites/pdf?

There is no absolute answer, it depends on the actual size of the file. If it has images on it it will be a lot bigger than if it where only text. Another factor to take in to consideration is how fast is your internet connection. Is your connection dsl (to today standars, a slow connection) or fiber optic? This simply fact can make file transfers more than 20 times faster. Anyway if your PDF’s and documents are text only, as long as t are not thousands it should be pretty fast.

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A more reliable solution than folder sync. A The biggest reason why Dropbox is better is because it uses a lot of local disk storage space. If you want to store a bunch of video files on your local machine, Dropbox is the best option. If you want to back up and sync your entire hard disk in your company, then Google Drive is the better solution. It will take a lot of local hard disk space in order to sync your files. You just need to have a good backup and a good recovery procedure for this. Google gives you the ability to back up to Google Drive, which is a plus. If you want to have your entire corporate hard disk mapped to Dropbox, then Google Drive is the best choice. It is also free. A So, are Cloud Storage providers still as reliable/easy to use as they were 10,.