How Can I Utilize My Ipad Pro Effectively For Mbbs?

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How can I utilize my iPad pro effectively for MBBS? From where do I get books?

I would argue against huge SSD's, for two reasons. I struggle filling 64GB. I could have totally do that a decade ago, but now? I’m drag&drop-ing stuff from Dropbox directly into mail, unused apps are automatically archived / restored, photos are synced and downloaded only as needed, anything audio or video is streamed, and so forth. Usage case for local storage is related more to capturing media, but the iPad is hardly the best device for that. Can you back it up? I mean, do you have appropriate iCloud / local backup capacity to keep your data safe? Because your storage is soldered on a logicboard, which will fail if you pour enough Pepsi on it. Or drop it hard enough. Don’t treat an appliance like you would a desktop PC, regardless how powerful it is. It’s fragile, it will fail. Can you afford it to fail? If you can afford a minimum of 1TB iCloud subscription, get the 512 one. Is it worth it? Would it work any different than a 64GB one with 200GB cloud storage? How much data do you have, in total? These would be more relevant benchmarks for assessing what “too small” actually means. If you have shitloads of data, and don’t mind throwing a few hundreds $$ / year on managing it easily, knock yourself out, by all means.

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If you have ~2 TB, save up. Or get a cheap NAS. Or use a cheap cloud storage option, and back up data as needed. What if you can back up to Google Drive with a 2 TB drive? If you're like me, you'll want 4 GB, or higher, or maybe 5 GB, on local storage, so you can put stuff out on Dropbox, or wherever else you want to be working. If you have a 3 TB drive in a laptop, or a 4 TB drive in a server, that's not going to grow up and eat away at your local storage. Maybe you're like me, and prefer to sync stuff directly to Dropbox. If you're like ME, you'll get pretty much everything you need out of a local storage system, but you might want some external backup to back up things like photos that aren't immediately needed. But you have enough space, so.

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