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I am looking for a free preferably open source tool/software which can generate a summary of my highlighted text from my tabet in pdf?

Moon reader +app enables you to highlight in text reflow mode
 had been installing a lot of apps to find this feature, atlast got in this
 Downloaded even separate Repligo apk file of the app, installed it
 It enables us to do highlighting but don't save those highlights
 But Regarding Moon app it is saving those highlights also.. just now checked
 But one thing if you come back to normal mode you won't see highlights
 If u go to Reflow mode , the highlighted text remains there

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Highlight PDF: All You Need to Know

How the app does this? I have read a lot of reviews I read a lot of reviews and I have no clue how it does this... or how to do this... or how to enable it I've installed the app multiple times — each time getting better and better at installing and installing (more recently) I've never had it fail to open in Reflow mode in the past. But it does fail now after some time. My guess is that the app's developer is no longer making updates to the app, instead focusing on other apps in their own repository and is doing more things themselves — I had a feeling that there were issues with the app over time. This is a small, little app. I understand that it might not fit all use cases, and it might be of value to some people. I appreciate everything.