I Need a Textbook Reader Application That Supports Note Taking?

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I need a textbook reader application that supports note-taking, searching, highlighting, and organizing books of any format (EPUB, PDF). Does this exist?

All most all of the e-book readers provide you tools to underline and highlight sentences or paragraphs. Additionally there are tools which allow us to include comments and notes. On mobile screen (Android interface) no matter which reader you use ( you need to only long press line required and then select it. A shortcut menu will be opened and you can do whatever you require. If you are using system screen, you will have to go through the menu and settings of each reader. In Highlight Pdf.online Reader 9, you can see Tools section in top menu bar. Settings change based on what reader software you use.

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Highlight PDF: All You Need to Know

In some readers, you can underline (underline) a specific area just by pressing the shortcut button. You will know by a bright red highlight. For text based documents, there are different highlight tools, such as underline, line-over and paragraph-over. In some readers, you can mark highlighted text/paragraph as finished by pressing the “Mark as done” button. This will help to avoid a confusing, mixed text. To highlight all, tap “Options” (top right). Then you can select which tools you want to use. In Highlight PDF.online Reader 9, some readers let you specify which characters you want to underline/highlight/mark as finished (this can be done for a specific phrase or sentence). Note: If you are using Windows Phone, you have no such options.  However, using a web based reader with full screen mode, you will be able to highlight individual word, sentence, or paragraph. If you are printing.