Is It Possible That Chinas Military Power Could Be Far More Advanced?

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Is it possible that China's military power could be far more advanced and dangerous than the world would like to believe?

Oh a goody! I've been waiting for the perfect question to answer and you bring one right to me, thanks! Okay so this one will depend on how you look at it, and your personal opinion
 because at this stage it's still a matter of opinion. It also doesn't help that some people hate an idea so much it removes what t see as fact and fiction. Your question is stating about rather or not China will over take America as the powerhouse, and that sounds pretty straight forward but honestly it depends on how you're looking at it. First of all is China going to become the economic powerhouse if the world? Will it take America's spot as the ultimate market? I personally think no, but some people argue it already has. This is a matter of perspective, because China does have a more lucrative and powerful economy than America
 but it isn't the same type of economy. See America is what's known as a free market, while China is a socialist command market
 and well let's just say that makes a huge difference. Your question is about market comparisons though, so to keep it short and simple. In my opinion a free market is the only market that can be self sufficient, except for rare subsidies companies in America sink or swim on their own fully. In a command market t are guided in the right direction, which sounds great
 until no one is there to guide the direction. Then you end up with a dead market or a monopolizing market, both would happen if China ever found itself in another war. Hence the reason socialism doesn't work. Let's say you're talking about if China will become the world police America tries to be, and take over militarily. So for one in my opinion this is completely impossible, but people will argue the numbers and blah blah blah. So if China decided it wanted to be the world police it would start to impose it's ideas of socialism to other countries, which would make the democracies mad and end up in a world war. This is where people believe China wins every time because number always win
 until you look at it from more of a mental standpoint. America is freedom, our soldiers fight for it based on their own morals. T are fighting for something, China would not be this way. The reason we always do so well is because America is an idea, and you cannot kill an idea. Hence the reason the middle east is still in ruins
 but besides the point. You put one well trained guy with strong morals fighting against the people he thinks are going to take those morals
 he is going to pull off the impossible. Now factor in that the Chinese army is bigger but is full of people who are drafted? T would throw down their guns. Let's say you mean will China be the lead of technology in the world and become the new golden place of dreams
 it's not a free market and t think t can control and own you. No one wants that. A lovely PS. To the guy stating an American election is a waste of money
 where tf do you think the money t spend on marketing goes? In a burn pile? It's recirculated, it actually tends to help American's. America is in our pockets to take money for war, yea
 your point? The defence and military sectors employ more people than any other government program. And when soldier Timmy buys a candy bar from the local 711 with the money out of your taxes guess where it goes? Back into the economy
 its still void. We're wasting people's time and some resources, not really money tho. The only problem with socialism is that t aren't as free? Their isn't a reason to participate in a socialist world, literally why would you want that? Oh t keep a thumb on their economy
 yea until the people see a way out and start clawing their local policeman's eyes out to get away. It's not in human nature to be controlled, no one wants to be
 no matter what t think now.

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But the squatters want back their territory at all costs to the people. We are the ones being told to get over our self-deterrence and stop being nice to China. And we are being told “don't provoke them and be nice to them.” All of this is very counter-intuitive to a nation of over 1.3 billion people living under one Emperor. Let's look at what exactly are we being told to do. One example would be the construction of a new railway on the Sino-Vietnam border which is to extend as far as the Chinese border. This will be a tremendous problem because China already has a rail network throughout the country. The Chinese do not have to worry about the railroad. They will send troops to build it. But how will they pay for it? Chinese people living on the border of China are afraid to travel to those.