Is there a PDF Viewer for Windows That Can Export Highlight Contents?

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Is there a PDF viewer for Windows that can export highlight contents and comments to Evernote?

Depends what you mean by 'viewer' and 'export to Evernote'. If you are opening a PDF file in a viewer on your desktop that allows you to add and save edits back to the file, then simply save that file and attach it to an Evernote note, and you will have all the highlights and comments saved too. If the file is already attached to a note and opened from there, then the latest versions of Evernote include an 'Annotate' option whereby you can open the file, add some level of content and save it back again. If the annotation options aren't enough for you, then open the file from the note into any PDF editor, make your changes and save it back. Anything that describes itself as a "PDF viewer" though is usually a cut-down app that will only show you the content of a file without allowing changes. You need software that will allow you to open and edit the contents - a quick internet search will get you *lots* of suggestions. Some websites will also offer to open or convert PDF files into other formats which may be an option...

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So this is a really great way to ensure that if your Evernote account goes down, you still have all the information in your account that you need, and the ability to access it quickly if it ever goes down again.