Is there An Archive of Singapore Budget since Independence?

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Is there an archive of Singapore budget since independence, and how many percent were dedicated to which ministry?

You need to look at the whole situation in the context of the times. The Communists were very much in the ascendancy. Indonesia was aggressive. There were sectarian and racial tensions. Some examples. 1. 1948 - The Malayan Emergency begins. The Communist Party of Malaya does not surrender until 1989 2. 1950 - Maria Hertogh riots. See this https.// 3. 1953 - Korean War. North Korean invades the South. Later Communist China joins in and fights the UN to a...

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Chinese Revolution, Mao begins the Chinese Cultural Revolution. His actions have lasting effects, such as making people watch all the news. 5. 1945 — Japanese Army invades Banking, causing the death of 50,000. At the end of World War 2, the Soviets have the Korean War. See Korean War timeline 6. 1937— The Soviet Union, North Korea, and China formed the Three Non-Aggression Pacts (Paganism). China has no intention of participating. Japanese troops withdraw from Manchuria. Japan agrees to the treaty and begins to move troops through Mongolia and through the USSR to Korea. Japan invaded China. See Timeline of events 7. April 27, 1945 — The United Nations agrees on partitioning China. China, Great Britain, and the United States agree to create the United Nations. August 6, 1949 — The Soviet Union signs the Treaty of Friendship, Alliance, and Mutual Assistance with China. Treaty of Friendship, Alliance, and Mutual Assistance Signed.