Is there Any Html Editor That Can Edit Local Html like Highlights And?

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Is there any HTML editor that can edit local HTML like highlights and notes for PDF? The best option I found is bluegriffon—works similar to microsoft word, but hard to highlight or add notes (didn’t find a way). I hope that I don’t have to code.

I’ve never had a need to do this but I just tried it using Foxit PDF Reader and found it surprisingly easy to do. First I selected the Highlight tool then put my cursor slightly above and to the left of the first item, clicked and held the left button while dragging to just below and to the right of the last item. When I released the left button on the mouse all items in the selection box were highlighted. I did note that full words were highlighted even when those words went past the boundaries of the selection box.

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Highlight PDF: All You Need to Know

In fact, when I was highlighting just a single word it highlighted the entire page from start to end, so I was limited to just moving a single line to highlight it. I then clicked the 'Select all' button (a little yellow circle) in the bottom corner to get back the original selection I originally had. This is especially useful if you need to select the entire document without worrying about any of the extra spaces after the words that are on each line. You can also highlight to the same line in the source document. Another way to get to any area we want to highlight is to go up or down in the document by choosing the up or down arrow keys (the D and A key on my keyboard). This works similar to how the Select All and Edit menu functions would work in Word, so.