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My PDF text jumped, and my highlights stayed put. How to move my text? Or copy my highlights to another file? (I did this with Preview on Mac)

The answer is “maybe”. With respect to text, there are several sorts of PDFs (in my experience; I’m no expert). One sort is just a text document which has been saved as a PDF; for those, you can highlight the text in the usual way (click and drag) — unless it has been “copy protected”. If that’s the issue, google around for possible ways to “unlock” it. A second sort is comprised of images (i.e. just “photographing” the pages). For those, there is simply no text to be highlighted — it’s like trying to copy the text off a billboard in a photo. If that’s the issue, perhaps you can manage some way to do OCR on the pages. A third sort is like the second, plus the image of the text has been somehow converted to a text stream, perhaps by some sort of OCR process, or simply by a person reading the text content of the image and keying it in. That text is then put on an “invisible” layer which resides behind the image, overlapping the visible (but uncopyable) image of the text. This may seem silly, but it allows presentation of the document with its visible appearance being that of the original, while allowing copying (by making use of the content of the “invisible” layer). This sort of PDF should allow click-drag copying, although the highlighted area may not align exactly with the visible text.

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Highlight PDF: All You Need to Know

A fourth sort may consist of a number of pages like the third sort, but the pages are not presented as text or images, but as an audio stream. This way of putting the document on the screen, is quite useful for presenting as a PDF, and, it doesn't allow copying, although all the “invisible” layers can be copied. If that does not work, and you simply would like to “print” the document, there are still possibilities for making it OCRable. It's true that, in the case of text, you can “select” and â¬copy⬠the text to an Accra file. However, those options are limited only by how well you can spell. For me, it took me months to be able to do so. In contrast, it takes one or two minutes to get these results. In fact, it's pretty easy, although it does require a.