What Do Indian Medical Students Carry in their Bags to College?

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What do Indian medical students carry in their bags to college?

Study essentials. 1.Book selection - Choose 1 book for a subject depending on our study type..other books may be used for referring difficult, important topics..additional points from reference books should be immediately noted in regular book..don't change buks in between.. Especially before exams.. Photocopy memory is crucial.. So repeatedly read the same buk instead of multiple books.. 2.Revision- whatever we study in a day, must be revised on the same day ..if not possible try to finish in the next morning before starting a new topic...otherwise its just like newspaper reading.. Can't remember anything..for example, if we read 3 hrs in the evening, after dinner atleast for 30 min glance through whatever highlighted during study. 3. Time table Just a sample Make day time table and monthly time table..keep short targets and try to achieve in time .. 4.Concise study- When we study voluminous books,try to highlight important word,sentence or pages..so that next time study becomes less voluminous and day before the exam only few pages would be there for revision.. 5.Numbering of key words It's a different technique of remembering for exams..for example, Infective Endocarditis ,we know is a most probable 10 mark question..so when we study it, give numbering 1 definition 2 classification 3 etiology 4 risk factors 5 Roth's spots, Janeway lesions ,splinter hemorrhage 6 Blood culture, ECHO 7 Modified Duke's criteria 8 Treatment 9 Complications 10 Prevention ( we have written side headings in example, but its better to mark key words within them , such that we dont miss them ) If we mark 10 key words and revise them repeatedly, thats more than enough..in exam hall we remember words in sequence.. Making sentences out of thm is not a big deal for us!! 6. Visualisation If we finding anything difficult to remember then study once ,try to visualize the topic in a creative way or watch a related video..visual memory is stronger and stays longer.. If we have seen a particular case in ward and study about that we hardly forget ..right? 7.Discussion It's nevertheless to say discussing a topic with others is one of the best ways of studying.. We realize how much really understood, remembered by sharing with others.. 8.Diagrams with each answer draw as many labelled figures as possible.. It's a fact that only one who understood the concept well can draw properly..so diagrams carry more marks. While studying also keep drawing side by side.. 9.photos click pictures of important table, flow charts , diagrams in books, and very importantly cases we see in wards..in leisure time(travelling, in between classes, lunch break etc) we may utilize time optimally by revising through these pictures. 10.Time management - We know lot of things but if we are not able to present them in legible manner within stipulated time then what's the use?soo..beforehand decide for each mark we would spend this much time.. 100 marks in 180 minutes ..so calculate accordingly.. If time exceeding for a particular question, leave sufficient page gap and go to next question.. Attempting all questions is very important. While answering , always start in a fresh page and at the end of each answer leav some gap.. at the end something more important remembered may be included. 11.Tension relief Unnecessary anxiety ,worries ,tension dampen our performance.. What questions may come? Who will be examiner? Where will I be seated? Who will correct my answersheet? All these are not in our hands..so why to worry for a matter which is not under our control? Any use? Absolutely noo..then why? Let us be cool composed..our only work is to study and revise as many times possible.. Thats all.. 12.Sleep We need 7-8 hours of sound sleep.. Because our brain needs enough time to process , organize information and form memory.. 13. Most important 2-3 hrs of regular undisturbed (mob TV gossip) study per day is ideal than to chat in Facebook in front of opened Textbook for hrs together.. 14.Implementation We are all well versed with these secrets since ages..but what's lacking is implementation .. We still have long way to go..so let's try to inoculcate some good study habits, become more knowledgeable ,skillful Doctors in society.. Our eyes will see what our Mind knows .. So thorough knowledge is essential.. To gain proper knowledge ,no alternative but for hardwork..!! Hope I have answered your question Up vote if you have liked this answer Share if you have liked this answer Follow for more motivation to write the answers Thank you quorans for 100+ upvotes

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I'd love to see the contents of the backpack: Do you have similar bags that you use? Have you ever donated your own stuff that you were afraid would end up in the dumpster?.