Will Reading Hindu Online Work If You Cannot Get Access to a Hindu?

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Will reading Hindu online work if you cannot get access to a Hindu paper for civil services?

DISCLAIMER .This is solely based on the assumption that you read this article to cater to your VERBAL prep only!! Now disclaimers are done let me get into the meet straight away READING HABIT is bedrock on which verbal prep process is built. Acing verbal in exams is function of your excellent reading habit. Let me explain you in detail. Take BANK PO exams which contain a big number of questions on RC,PARAJUMBLES,MEANINGFULLY AND CONTEXTUALLY VALID. WORD CHOOSING. To nail all these excellent reading habit is the one size fits all solution.Randomly you may ask any acer of verbal section in exam he tells you Reading helped him a lot. I bet you that if youre good at reading habit you can go north of 95th %ile in verbal. YES it is just the reading habit alone without any knowledge of grammar that can get you there Read, read and read is the only solution for Verbal prep in bank exam. Now comes what to read? READ a lot , Read with variety,read different genres,read different lenghts Read all high end articles of NY times, NEW YORKER, Cric info/EDITORIALS. Starters may feel cumbersome but it becomes increasingly easy every day only if you do it every day.Dont read Headliner t only describe situation or case- non conducive to reading habit development. Read those where author takes a stand, some element of influence is there. HOW TO READ? Read for joy,read to comment, read to pick up themes, read to understand the humor read to the extent that you cant put the articles without finishing it. Read it with that much fun and josh. While youre reading never try to actively jot down the info or noting the facts,picking up the dates,remembering the stats. It is after all reading passage and it is with you forever if at all you need some data you can fall after it but theme , the most important, can be picked up only if your read in NON RC MODE where you keep your mind off and read with pastime attitude. Reading a novel is more imp because ut leaves an impact ,either the way you think or you understand the sentence. The idead of reading different articles /books exposes you to caried styles/genre/length. If you do have a reading habit hang on to it and if you dint just develop one. All the Verbal toppers definitely have,I bet you,one great feature in their reading habit the unputdownability,t feel thrilling and compelling to read ,no RC no parajumbs nothing bothers them because t have long ago realised habit all the proxies tested - Paraj,RC,oddoneout,Column match- are anchored onto one single Verb i.e . Happy Reading

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I am a huge fan of online paper because it is just very convenient and convenient to take notes all the time. I've done it for the last 4+ years. You can easily keep track of dates and events. This is a huge advantage. It really helps you concentrate on what is important.